Friday, May 13, 2011

April 3, 2011

This week was probably our worst yet for numbers. It was finals week. It feels like its been finals forever but there are so many colleges on different schedules. It will pass though. This week I just want to get out there and find more people. One of my investigators got baptized this week, but not here. His name was r. Not sure if I told you about him. He came to visit his brother in law for a weekend who is a recent convert and I taught him once. That week he moved here to learn about the church. He said he fell in love with the gospel and God wanted him here. Unfortunately he never found a job so he went back to cape coral. He had a really hard time when he got there because he was living in his car and went back to some addictions for a week or two but saturday he was able to get baptized. He'll be a great member. Tomorrow is also transfers and we are all staying. I'm SO excited! Me and sister H have become really good friends and I would have hated not being with her for my last transfer. She is a great example to me and has really helped me to be a better missionary. I am so excited you're getting a tongan sister. that will be so fun. You better tell the sisters I'm going on exchanges with them when I get home! It will be tons of fun. How is kyle doing other than excited about cows? President has asked for the phone call that it only be immediate family. So I hope that doesn't offend anyone. It shouldn't since they'll see me in 6 weeks. I guess I could call or might be better so I could talk to Cody and Avrey too. I guess it won't really matter. I could do it at 7:30 my time which should be 4:30 your time..... or before your church at like 3 my time or something.....whatever you want

April 25, 2011

Hey! sounds like Easter was lots of fun. I ate spam and top ramen for
dinner missionary like. BUT it tasted good so who cares. Not
too much is going on here. Its been finals so things are a little
slow. We're just plugging along trying to find people who want to
listen to us. I can't wait to meet little A...if she's anything
like her mother she'll be a real ball of energy and fun to play with.
Hmmm what else do you want to know?
no we don't eat with members. I heard there were tornadoes but thats
it. No details. Its 90 to 100 degrees here.
i got a letter from Jeffrey Dan this week. Sounds like he is lovin the
mission. Do they forward his letters? I would love to get them. So 2
GREAT things happened this week. The first is that D's mission
papers are in!! and he should leave around the same time I come
visit!!!! I can't wait to know where he goes. Also When l went way
anti I met with her... not sure if I told you already and she walked
out on me and i've never heard from her again. I called and told
sister B and so she said on the next p-day she would write
her a letter. She wrote it and read it to me and i told her to just
wait a couple days to send it to give her time to cool off. That night
I had a dream that l came back to church and was apologizing and was
really ashamed and in my dream I was frantically looking for sister
B trying to tell her not to send the letter. When I woke up
it was all so real so I called sister b and told her not to
send the letter and I told her that some day L would come back on
her own. I didn't know how long it would be but i have been praying
for her a ton. Yesterday she showed up to church looking for me
apologizing and completely ashamed of everything that had happened-
just like in the dream! WAHOO she's back!
no news on the temple but president Hale is doing good. He came back
this week! we were really excited. We all get to go to transfer
meeting next week to see him.

April 18, 2011

Not much going on here. We did a lot of finding this week because no one would meet with us. I forgot how much finals affect missionary work. One thing did happen this week though. I've realized how much more confident I am in sharing the gospel. We had absolutely no plans and either did the other sisters so sister h and I decided we were going to knock on doors and sing hymns to them. That is something I NEVER would have done before. I refused to sing at all in lessons until president Hale said we would be singing in every lesson. I was terrified but I did it. My companion still barely sings so I basically sing a solo. The funniest was probably when we sang to an 18 year old kid who is an underground street fighter, MMA fighter, and golden glove boxer in the middle of a park. Oh the joys of missionary work! I LOVE IT! Anyway- my companion freaked out about singing to people. She thought it was so weird, but I made her do it anyway. She hated it but someday she'll look back and realize it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. HAHA So fun! No other time in my life would I enjoy such random things.
President is good. In pain but everything went well. It ended up being only a 4 hour surgery and they find out in a few days if the tumor is cancerous

April 11, 2011

Ok so President Hale is doing really good. Lots of miracles. The mission fasted for him and when they went into do the surgery they found that the tumor wasn't on the nerves like they showed. Just to the side instead which is still risky but not as bad. President Hale is amazing. He walked 2 days after the surgery and they think he will be back to the mission before 3 weeks. Crazy! Just so you know I sent him a package from our zone and I sent it through UPS. I figured you would be ok with that. I can't believe all of those people are serving missions and getting married! way too many. Which mission in peru? There are a lot of members here from peru and most of their families are still there. Its crazy how much happens while you're on a mission but it just feels like everything will be the same because you don't see it happening. This week was pretty slow. Every appointment pretty much fell through so we spent a lot of time in the streets. It was still really fun but it sure is getting hot. This week averaged 85 to 90... it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't still that hot at 9pm. Either way I love it! Looks like I'm really going to have to work when I get home to pay for all this craziness. but once again... I LOVE IT! Aww life is just so great. Its amazing how much I love something that is so hard. How was your birthday celebrations? Tell everyone I love them :)
oh my! I forgot to tell you my bleach story. So last week I was wearing my favorite gray skirt that I pretty much live in and my adorable red shoes and we were at the store buying some things. I was at the cash register paying when I hear a crash and feel liquid all over my legs and feet. I look down and my gray skirt is PINK! AAAAHHH. So the lady at the register is just in shock and staring at me and I'm like "HELLO! can I get a rag my legs are burning!" So this lady totally dropped an entire bottle of bleach all over me and the store people didnt' do ANYTHING. The worst part is that the lady who dropped it just turned around and walked away. Didn't even apologize...clean it up...tell someone... NOTHING. So.. my favorite skirt is ruined and it was a really sad day. Don't worry... no chemical burns or anything either.... i'm just left without an amazing skirt so I might try and find another one this week. HORRIBLE

April 4, 2011

This week has been a really unique one for our mission. Yesterday we had a mission-wide conference call with President Hale. He told us that they have found a tumor on his spinal column. On thursday he will be having a 14+ hour surgery. The doctors have told him that he needs to end his mission but thats not president Hale's way. He has counseled with the 12 and they have given him permission to finish his mission. He has been assured through blessings and prayer that he will make a full recovery. He has found the best neurosurgeon in the country to do it. In that same blessing a specific reference was given to the adversary and his desire in halting the work here but he will not succeed. After the conference call wherever we were we knelt in prayer and as a mission commited to doubling our efforts in all aspects of the work. We were promised by the brethren that this trial would bring immediate blessings to the mission- one of them being a unity here that has never been seen before. We are fasting on wednesday night until sunday for president Hale and any of you that would like to join would be appreciated. We love him so much! it is expected that he will return to the mission in 3 weeks.
Other than that things are going pretty good. We lost several of our investigators who had baptism dates but we aren't giving up. Most of them refused to keep commitments and one of them moved away. But he'll be baptized where he moved to. I love my companion. She has really helped me to reflect on my time in the mission and the changes I have made. She is so incredible and works so hard.
It seems that the time goes faster every day and i'm not sure how I feel about it. It is really bitter sweet as my mission begins to wind down. I have never had greater joy or sorrow than I have had in the service of the Lord. Such a learning experience.
i put we are fasting from wednesday night to sunday but I meant thursday...sorry! I wish I had more to tell you about but I can't think of anything. Conference was great though. I love having our questions answered. Each one was so inspired in the things they shared. They make me think there will be many more trials to come.
I also love the sisters we live with right now. We truly have become the best of friends. I still live with Sister Hopkins and she is training Hermana Mata'u.They make me laugh constantly. We are very unified in our obedience as well which really helps. funny side note- Sister Mata'u is teaching me to hula in the mornings during exercise time and its not going so good. I am so not talented haha.
Sounds like you have been very busy at home. I'm not sure i'll even recognize the place when I get back. You are always in my prayers! I love you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 28, 2011

Ok so I have no clue how we are having the success we are having other than HUGE blessings and miracles from our Heavenly Father. I love seeing His hand in the work! This week went really well. I am training a sister from Grand Junction, Colorado. She is so amazing! She has definitely jumped in with both feet. It has been so good for me to reflect on how I have changed since I was in her shoes not so long ago. As I teach her and help her I see more and more changes. This was definitely inspired from the Lord.
T is doing great. Last time he met with us we asked him if he still wanted to be baptized and knew the church was true. He said "of course". I asked him how he knew and he said he had a dream of him sitting in a chair and men standing circled around him with their hands on his head. He said "I just knew it was my answer". We then were able to show him pictures of men receiving the priesthood and being confirmed. He said that's exactly what it was. So amazing! S is the girl that was kicked out and I had the opportunity to talk to her on the phone last night. She still can't meet with us but we are continually praying for her. She is so prepared. The other one that was supposed to be baptized on April 3rd has changed her date again and it will be April 1st- this friday! YAAYYY! She is so incredible and she has such a strong testimony. I am so excited for her. We could potentially have 6 other baptisms in the month of April but I think some of them will get bumped to May so that they come to church. We'll see. Summer here should be pretty much the same as it is now. A lot of the kids live with their families and go to school all year round but not positive.
I can't believe it is snowing their! we're already at 85 degrees! it has been so hot! I think it's going to rain today. I hope so! I LOVE florida rain storms. The walls of water are amazing.
Ok- lets see what else you've asked......oh- sister Hopkins. Her parents both grew up in that area. Other than that not much going on. Just trying to stay alive. I've been SO tired! Lack of sleep is a killer. Maybe I'll get in a nap today. If not oh well. Love you tons!

March 22, 2011

Hi!! This week has been SO amazing. We set 9 baptism dates! and most of them will actually go through. I love being a missionary so much. I just love teaching and seeing people change. Nothing makes us happier than keeping the commandments. Tomorrow is transfers and I will be training so sister Osmeni is leaving. Anyway, I'm terrified to train but it will be a really good learning experience. The other sister- sister Hopkins who will be in my apartment is also training. We're really excited to do it together. I love her so much and she is an INCREDIBLE missionary! Not much else is going on that I can think of..hmmm....i'll think and write more later.

This was a great week for our area. We were able to set 9 baptism dates! WAHOO!! We have seen a huge increase in our teaching pool in the last two weeks as well as progression. Our March date who was most solid has changed her date to April 3rd because she wants to share with her family what she is learning and let them be a part of it. We're mightily praying they support her! Another thing is the kid- T who we talked to you about this week who wouldn't be able to be baptized is actually prepared. Everything he told us was a lie. It is a test that he gives to everyone who teaches him about religion. He said he ALWAYS gets the same reaction. Their eyes get huge and they say they have to leave and he never hears from them again. We didn't react at all, we shared with him the importance of repentance, and then set a return appointment. He came to church on Sunday and he loved it. I am so excited for the future of this area. I am praying that we can maintain the success we are having. I am really nervous to train and don't feel in any way capable but I will have the great opportunity of working together with Sister Hopkins who is a GREAT example for me. Things are looking up!
Hermana Hendrix

March 14, 2011

so as far as the schedule.... Next week is transfers so p-day will be on tuesday again and the library opens at 11:30 our time. other than that its on mondays at 10ish. This week has been good but crazy. First of all i'm sick- AGAIN. I don't think its ever going to end. But i'm definitely not going to a doctor this time. They made it worse. I'll just get some good cold medicine. This week we found 10 new investigators which is a HUGE miracle. One of them- who I think will be the most difficult. He's a "praise Jesus- talk in scripture kind of kid" Said he couldn't quit smiling during our lesson because he had seen me before in a vision and knew we were coming. It was pretty cool. Other than that things are about the same. I was shocked to read about all of the marriages though. WOW! crazy kids. I got a wedding invite from Candace. I figured you would go since it's so close. Tell her I said congrats. Any news on Sami's date? still haven't heard.
I also heard about the earthquake and tsunami but I didn't know they were so bad. I wonder if Florida will get a good hurricane this year too. I won't be here for hurricane season so who knows.
It also sounds like things are going good in RS. Keeps you busy for sure. Has the stake thought at all about creating a YSA branch?? Heavenly Father has told me I have to go to one when I get home but I don't want to go all the way to reno every week.
Send me that talk when you get the chance. Love you!!

This week has been a huge blessing for us. We had 10 new investigators. 5 came through a member who opened her mouth to a classmate. Truly a miracle! One of our investigators we met is S. She instantly accepted her date for march 27th and truly owned it, unfortunately her mom has taken it away from her. When her mom found out she was meeting with us she took away her phone, her Book of Mormon, packed her bags and sent her to northern Florida. I called on an unknown number the day her mom sent her away and had about 2 minutes to talk to her. She doesn't know if her mom will ever let her come back. We gave her our mailing address and the websites for the church. She said she may be back in a week or may be there permanantly... her mom hasn't said. We felt really bad about what happened because she is in college right now and also works. Her mom has taken her away from all of it. She told us she will meet with us or other missionaries as soon as possible. We are keeping her in our prayers. The other possible march date is R. He is the brother in law of one of our members. He has gone to church here twice but doesn't live here right now. He's just been visiting on the weekends. He is looking for jobs and will move here the day he gets one. We are praying he finds one soon so we can meet with him more often. This week has also been stressful for me with being sick... again.. i'm not sure thats ever going to end, and also with miles being cut. The last two months we have had all investigators in Kendall and so we haven't used a fraction of our someone was always sick and we were on exchanges often. As of right now 8 of our investigators live in the far end of Homestead, which is over 20 miles each direction. We only have 30 miles a day. We are trying to find members to take us to lessons but a lot of them work and go to school. We'll just keep praying for a solution. I'm truly loving this area and the members. The longer i'm here the happier I am with it.
Hermana Hendrix

March 7, 2011

This week has definitely been better. I've just been so stressed lately with how things have been going but now that I'm feeling good and i'm back out i'm good. Your letter made me SO happy! i'm so excited that our ward finally loves missionary work. There is so much power and blessings that come to a ward when they feel the fire of missionary work. I can't even tell you how much I love it! I truly love missionary work. I love serving in the YSA branch and it has become my home. The idea of ever being part of a YSA branch scares me to death! Good thing i'm just the missionary! I have met so many wonderful people and some of my very best friends are here in Miami. I will be so sad when it comes time to leave them. I'm really hoping things go as planned and I stay in this branch for the rest of my mission. The members are finally starting to love the work and I LOVE the members. This week we have another general authority coming. It seems like they're here weekly. Pretty much everything for the temple has been passed and they are just waiting for some last minute things. I'm really hoping the ground breaking is before I get home. This week we have found a few new people to teach and i'm really hoping they progress. The two that we have that are already progressing are P and J. We have taught p since august and she has had several manifestations that this is the true church and a dream about baptism and still won't commit. She's killin me! For the life of me I don't know what is holding her back. She has grown up catholic and I think just refuses to change. I had her e-mail Crystal a few times and that helped but there is still something else. I pray so much to know how to help her but I just don't know. J is one that really wanted to be baptized. Gave up addictions to drugs, alcohol, and smoking and then found out he couldn't get baptized because he was on parole. After that he went the complete opposite direction and got back into everything. He turned super cold and was really mean. About a week ago he showed up to the church for institute and said he got off parole. I asked to meet with him and he was like "not now, maybe another day, we'll see." so I told him we needed to be quieter because we were in the hall and convinced him to go into another room. We proceeded to teach him a lesson without him knowing. He wants the change but without the work and satan has a really strong hold on him. We are really trying to help him change. Other than that we're just finding more people.

February 28, 2011

WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS MITCHELL!!!! I can't believe he is going to Madagascar!! that is so cool! I'm so bummed I won't get to see him but he is making the best decision in the world so thats ok.
I can't believe he leaves one week before I get home! Did sami tell you her wedding date? I'm still waiting to hear when and where it is. I couldn't believe she is waiting either. She's so great :) I am doing much better this week. I had the pain from my ear infection for a good 10 days, even with the medicine. I popped some membrane and so it caused all kinds of problems but I took care of it. I'm feeling 100 times better. Things are also much better with my companion. I just had to quit being prideful and be willing to help her. She just requires a lot of attention and it was really hard with everything else going on. It's still stressful but that's missionary work. We arent' teaching a lot of people but I have had some really amazing experiences this week. One of them is with J. He took all the lessons months ago and really wanted to change and be baptized. He gave up all his addictions, and friends but because he was on parole he couldn't be baptized and he didn't have a court date or anything set and so he gave up. In doing so he went deeper into all of his addictions and became really mean and bitter. He showed up to institute this week and said he got off parole and his charges were all dropped but that he didn't want to change and come back. I knew there was a reason he came and told us so we asked to meet with him. He was really cold at the beginning of our appointment but the spirit worked really hard on him. By the end of the appointment he commited to come to church, read in the book of mormon, pray, and meet with us 3 days a week. It is amazing to see the change that comes in a person so quickly through the spirit. The other amazing experience was with a recent convert named A who I love! I have become really good friends with her but she has had no desire to keep the commandments and went worse into her addictions than before her baptism. Because of them she has been in a really dark spot with no vision or desire for a future. This week she finally woke up and asked me to help her. She is doing the 12 step addiction recovery program and FINALLY is changing. I am so excited for her. She calls me angry eyes because of my facial expressions and the other night when I called her she said "angry eyes I don't want to smoke or drink or do drugs ever again and anything you tell me to do I will do. She talked to bishop on sunday and started the repentance process. It was the first time she had been to church in 2 months and she has only been a member for 6. I'm so excited to see her changes. I love the gospel. It can change someone faster than anything else in the world. It is such a blessing in our lives. It is the only thing that brings happiness. I love being a missionary even if it is the HARDEST thing i've ever done in my life.

February 22, 2011

Ok- this might have been the longest week of my life but thankfully
it's over. 5 prescriptions, 2 nurses, and 3 doctors later we have
learned that I have an ear infection. I totally forgot how painful
they are. it's been pretty miserable. Also this week brought a lot of
new changes. Our stake completely changed. They are now the first 100%
bilingual stake. They put together all of the spanish and english
wards. If you speak only english or only spanish- you wear a headset
for translation. When someone gets up they can speak whatever language
they want. It's so awesome! it didn't really affect us other than that
the bishops are all changed and some of them support YSA more.
Hopefully that helps.

February 15, 2011

Dad! you're like a college kid again! haha I love it! when I get home I'll go with you on your adventures. Sounds like you have all had a busy week. Thank you for the package! I loved it! and ALL of it was stuff i was going to have to buy this week. What a blessing. It's been a really stressful week for me but thats ok. just life. We had transfers, sister's training and tomorrow is zone conference with elder Golden of the 70. I swear we have general authorities here every week. This week they are finalizing everything for the temple ground. yay! i'll forward you my letter to president and you'll know how it's been.

This week has been a really tough one for me personally and I kind of had a break down and couldn't function but i'm back on track. I've just been so stressed over the work and feeling like nothing I do is making a difference and it just keeps going down hill. I mightily pray and work my hardest and it seems like everything just caves at once. I knew I couldn't keep going on like I was because I was killing my poor companion so I went ahead and got a blessing. The stress is still there but i'm functioning better. i'm just trying to trust in the Lord and learn from the experience. It has been difficult to have a companion that is so dependant on me for everything- including taking care of herself but everything happens for a reason. Time is running short and I just feel like not enough can be done in a day. Right now our investigators are also struggling. P has been preparing for a baptism in March but has been so distracted by problems going on at home. We're trying to help her use the atonement and bring her walls down but we still haven't figured out how to get passed it. J dropped us yesterday because she said she just can't get to church and now isn't her time. Our other investigators either don't have time to meet with us right now or aren't answering their phones. My goal this week is to really trust in the Lord and increase my faith. There's no time for discouragement.
Hermana Hendrix

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 8, 2011

ok- This has been a crazy week of lots of drama with elders. We had
one that lied to us about a YSA investigator and also to the zone
leaders and just pulled a lot of crap on us. Then they got their ward
members involved and they were giving us crap too. Frustrating but
what can you do? other than that it's just been pretty slow. Tomorrow
are transfers and i'm pretty sure my companion is going to be Sister
Osmeni. She's a temple square sister from Albania. I'll let you know
next week for sure. ummm.... I can't really think of anything else new
to tell you this week. Any questions or anything for me??

ok- to answer your questions... in spanish Hendrix is pronounced (in dreex).
because the H is silent. the E is like an I and the I is like saying the
letter E. The girls we are teaching
right now have really changed their commitment level. They are finally
seeing the blessings of the gospel. There are three girls here that live
together. 2 are recent converts and one is being taught. One of the converts
got baptized for a missionary and has no testimony. The other one loves the
gospel but little doctrinal knowledge and the non member is the most
religious but has been super catholic. I love them all so much! but they are
on completely different levels. I think that was all of your questions. LOVE

So- I had one awesome experience this week I forgot to tell you. This
sunday I attended a baptism in the spanish branch of a guy named
F. Back when Sister Clegg was here and she was sick all the time
we went on exchanges every day. One night on exchanges me and Sister
Bloomfield went to knock on a potential investigators door but he
wasn't home. F Answered the door. He told us the guy wasn't there
and then started to close the door and walk away. I asked if he knew
about the church and he said no. So I bore my testimony and asked if
he wanted to learn more and he just sat there for a minute and then
said ok. Now he's a member! it just reminds me how important it is to
talk to everyone no matter where we are!

I have definitely seen the
importance of living up to our covenants. It is so sad to watch. Two
weeks ago we had a baptism and we started working on the program. We
couldn't even find someone worthy to baptize her. It was terrible! and
REALLY akward. We had to call them and they would say "sorry Hermanas
but I can't. But i'll be there to support her". We started having to
make a list of those who aren't worthy to use their priesthood. It is
SO important that we keep the commandments and remain worthy of the
blessings of our Heavenly Father.

Tell President Eggbert I said hello! it's weird to see you write that
you had your PPI because I always have to have PPI's as well haha.
Aren't they great? I love them. President Hale is the BEST mission
president. Well gotta go. Love ya!

January 31, 2011

Hey family! This week has flown by. It's been a stressful one but also a very good one. President Hale came to our apartment to do interviews. If everything goes as planned I will finish my mission here in the snapper creek YSA branch. YAY! My companion is leaving this transfer- very sad- but will be going to Miami beach ysa! she's going to my VERY favorite place. I will have a new companion each transfer until I go home and at least one of them I will be training. Other than that I don't really know. President Hale has been trying to figure out a way me and Sister Lowe can see each other again before she goes home because he spoils us so much and he's figured it out. Next week we will be doing exchanges with her and her companion and sister Bloomfield will spend a few days with her figuring things out in Miami Beach before transfers come. He said it will be most effective if we have lunch together to start it and end it :) He's the BEST! I feel so spoiled! me and sister lowe are the only missionaries that have permission to talk at any time for any reason without permission. The amazing thing is that he told sister Bloomfield when she leaves that me and her will have that permission too! He told her "if anyone has a problem with it- you can send them straight to me and i'll take care of it" President Hale is the best!