Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 8, 2011

ok- This has been a crazy week of lots of drama with elders. We had
one that lied to us about a YSA investigator and also to the zone
leaders and just pulled a lot of crap on us. Then they got their ward
members involved and they were giving us crap too. Frustrating but
what can you do? other than that it's just been pretty slow. Tomorrow
are transfers and i'm pretty sure my companion is going to be Sister
Osmeni. She's a temple square sister from Albania. I'll let you know
next week for sure. ummm.... I can't really think of anything else new
to tell you this week. Any questions or anything for me??

ok- to answer your questions... in spanish Hendrix is pronounced (in dreex).
because the H is silent. the E is like an I and the I is like saying the
letter E. The girls we are teaching
right now have really changed their commitment level. They are finally
seeing the blessings of the gospel. There are three girls here that live
together. 2 are recent converts and one is being taught. One of the converts
got baptized for a missionary and has no testimony. The other one loves the
gospel but little doctrinal knowledge and the non member is the most
religious but has been super catholic. I love them all so much! but they are
on completely different levels. I think that was all of your questions. LOVE

So- I had one awesome experience this week I forgot to tell you. This
sunday I attended a baptism in the spanish branch of a guy named
F. Back when Sister Clegg was here and she was sick all the time
we went on exchanges every day. One night on exchanges me and Sister
Bloomfield went to knock on a potential investigators door but he
wasn't home. F Answered the door. He told us the guy wasn't there
and then started to close the door and walk away. I asked if he knew
about the church and he said no. So I bore my testimony and asked if
he wanted to learn more and he just sat there for a minute and then
said ok. Now he's a member! it just reminds me how important it is to
talk to everyone no matter where we are!

I have definitely seen the
importance of living up to our covenants. It is so sad to watch. Two
weeks ago we had a baptism and we started working on the program. We
couldn't even find someone worthy to baptize her. It was terrible! and
REALLY akward. We had to call them and they would say "sorry Hermanas
but I can't. But i'll be there to support her". We started having to
make a list of those who aren't worthy to use their priesthood. It is
SO important that we keep the commandments and remain worthy of the
blessings of our Heavenly Father.

Tell President Eggbert I said hello! it's weird to see you write that
you had your PPI because I always have to have PPI's as well haha.
Aren't they great? I love them. President Hale is the BEST mission
president. Well gotta go. Love ya!

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