Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 14, 2011

so as far as the schedule.... Next week is transfers so p-day will be on tuesday again and the library opens at 11:30 our time. other than that its on mondays at 10ish. This week has been good but crazy. First of all i'm sick- AGAIN. I don't think its ever going to end. But i'm definitely not going to a doctor this time. They made it worse. I'll just get some good cold medicine. This week we found 10 new investigators which is a HUGE miracle. One of them- who I think will be the most difficult. He's a "praise Jesus- talk in scripture kind of kid" Said he couldn't quit smiling during our lesson because he had seen me before in a vision and knew we were coming. It was pretty cool. Other than that things are about the same. I was shocked to read about all of the marriages though. WOW! crazy kids. I got a wedding invite from Candace. I figured you would go since it's so close. Tell her I said congrats. Any news on Sami's date? still haven't heard.
I also heard about the earthquake and tsunami but I didn't know they were so bad. I wonder if Florida will get a good hurricane this year too. I won't be here for hurricane season so who knows.
It also sounds like things are going good in RS. Keeps you busy for sure. Has the stake thought at all about creating a YSA branch?? Heavenly Father has told me I have to go to one when I get home but I don't want to go all the way to reno every week.
Send me that talk when you get the chance. Love you!!

This week has been a huge blessing for us. We had 10 new investigators. 5 came through a member who opened her mouth to a classmate. Truly a miracle! One of our investigators we met is S. She instantly accepted her date for march 27th and truly owned it, unfortunately her mom has taken it away from her. When her mom found out she was meeting with us she took away her phone, her Book of Mormon, packed her bags and sent her to northern Florida. I called on an unknown number the day her mom sent her away and had about 2 minutes to talk to her. She doesn't know if her mom will ever let her come back. We gave her our mailing address and the websites for the church. She said she may be back in a week or may be there permanantly... her mom hasn't said. We felt really bad about what happened because she is in college right now and also works. Her mom has taken her away from all of it. She told us she will meet with us or other missionaries as soon as possible. We are keeping her in our prayers. The other possible march date is R. He is the brother in law of one of our members. He has gone to church here twice but doesn't live here right now. He's just been visiting on the weekends. He is looking for jobs and will move here the day he gets one. We are praying he finds one soon so we can meet with him more often. This week has also been stressful for me with being sick... again.. i'm not sure thats ever going to end, and also with miles being cut. The last two months we have had all investigators in Kendall and so we haven't used a fraction of our someone was always sick and we were on exchanges often. As of right now 8 of our investigators live in the far end of Homestead, which is over 20 miles each direction. We only have 30 miles a day. We are trying to find members to take us to lessons but a lot of them work and go to school. We'll just keep praying for a solution. I'm truly loving this area and the members. The longer i'm here the happier I am with it.
Hermana Hendrix

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