Friday, May 13, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hey! sounds like Easter was lots of fun. I ate spam and top ramen for
dinner missionary like. BUT it tasted good so who cares. Not
too much is going on here. Its been finals so things are a little
slow. We're just plugging along trying to find people who want to
listen to us. I can't wait to meet little A...if she's anything
like her mother she'll be a real ball of energy and fun to play with.
Hmmm what else do you want to know?
no we don't eat with members. I heard there were tornadoes but thats
it. No details. Its 90 to 100 degrees here.
i got a letter from Jeffrey Dan this week. Sounds like he is lovin the
mission. Do they forward his letters? I would love to get them. So 2
GREAT things happened this week. The first is that D's mission
papers are in!! and he should leave around the same time I come
visit!!!! I can't wait to know where he goes. Also When l went way
anti I met with her... not sure if I told you already and she walked
out on me and i've never heard from her again. I called and told
sister B and so she said on the next p-day she would write
her a letter. She wrote it and read it to me and i told her to just
wait a couple days to send it to give her time to cool off. That night
I had a dream that l came back to church and was apologizing and was
really ashamed and in my dream I was frantically looking for sister
B trying to tell her not to send the letter. When I woke up
it was all so real so I called sister b and told her not to
send the letter and I told her that some day L would come back on
her own. I didn't know how long it would be but i have been praying
for her a ton. Yesterday she showed up to church looking for me
apologizing and completely ashamed of everything that had happened-
just like in the dream! WAHOO she's back!
no news on the temple but president Hale is doing good. He came back
this week! we were really excited. We all get to go to transfer
meeting next week to see him.

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