Friday, May 13, 2011

April 11, 2011

Ok so President Hale is doing really good. Lots of miracles. The mission fasted for him and when they went into do the surgery they found that the tumor wasn't on the nerves like they showed. Just to the side instead which is still risky but not as bad. President Hale is amazing. He walked 2 days after the surgery and they think he will be back to the mission before 3 weeks. Crazy! Just so you know I sent him a package from our zone and I sent it through UPS. I figured you would be ok with that. I can't believe all of those people are serving missions and getting married! way too many. Which mission in peru? There are a lot of members here from peru and most of their families are still there. Its crazy how much happens while you're on a mission but it just feels like everything will be the same because you don't see it happening. This week was pretty slow. Every appointment pretty much fell through so we spent a lot of time in the streets. It was still really fun but it sure is getting hot. This week averaged 85 to 90... it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't still that hot at 9pm. Either way I love it! Looks like I'm really going to have to work when I get home to pay for all this craziness. but once again... I LOVE IT! Aww life is just so great. Its amazing how much I love something that is so hard. How was your birthday celebrations? Tell everyone I love them :)
oh my! I forgot to tell you my bleach story. So last week I was wearing my favorite gray skirt that I pretty much live in and my adorable red shoes and we were at the store buying some things. I was at the cash register paying when I hear a crash and feel liquid all over my legs and feet. I look down and my gray skirt is PINK! AAAAHHH. So the lady at the register is just in shock and staring at me and I'm like "HELLO! can I get a rag my legs are burning!" So this lady totally dropped an entire bottle of bleach all over me and the store people didnt' do ANYTHING. The worst part is that the lady who dropped it just turned around and walked away. Didn't even apologize...clean it up...tell someone... NOTHING. So.. my favorite skirt is ruined and it was a really sad day. Don't worry... no chemical burns or anything either.... i'm just left without an amazing skirt so I might try and find another one this week. HORRIBLE

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