Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 28, 2011

Ok so I have no clue how we are having the success we are having other than HUGE blessings and miracles from our Heavenly Father. I love seeing His hand in the work! This week went really well. I am training a sister from Grand Junction, Colorado. She is so amazing! She has definitely jumped in with both feet. It has been so good for me to reflect on how I have changed since I was in her shoes not so long ago. As I teach her and help her I see more and more changes. This was definitely inspired from the Lord.
T is doing great. Last time he met with us we asked him if he still wanted to be baptized and knew the church was true. He said "of course". I asked him how he knew and he said he had a dream of him sitting in a chair and men standing circled around him with their hands on his head. He said "I just knew it was my answer". We then were able to show him pictures of men receiving the priesthood and being confirmed. He said that's exactly what it was. So amazing! S is the girl that was kicked out and I had the opportunity to talk to her on the phone last night. She still can't meet with us but we are continually praying for her. She is so prepared. The other one that was supposed to be baptized on April 3rd has changed her date again and it will be April 1st- this friday! YAAYYY! She is so incredible and she has such a strong testimony. I am so excited for her. We could potentially have 6 other baptisms in the month of April but I think some of them will get bumped to May so that they come to church. We'll see. Summer here should be pretty much the same as it is now. A lot of the kids live with their families and go to school all year round but not positive.
I can't believe it is snowing their! we're already at 85 degrees! it has been so hot! I think it's going to rain today. I hope so! I LOVE florida rain storms. The walls of water are amazing.
Ok- lets see what else you've asked......oh- sister Hopkins. Her parents both grew up in that area. Other than that not much going on. Just trying to stay alive. I've been SO tired! Lack of sleep is a killer. Maybe I'll get in a nap today. If not oh well. Love you tons!

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