Friday, May 13, 2011

April 18, 2011

Not much going on here. We did a lot of finding this week because no one would meet with us. I forgot how much finals affect missionary work. One thing did happen this week though. I've realized how much more confident I am in sharing the gospel. We had absolutely no plans and either did the other sisters so sister h and I decided we were going to knock on doors and sing hymns to them. That is something I NEVER would have done before. I refused to sing at all in lessons until president Hale said we would be singing in every lesson. I was terrified but I did it. My companion still barely sings so I basically sing a solo. The funniest was probably when we sang to an 18 year old kid who is an underground street fighter, MMA fighter, and golden glove boxer in the middle of a park. Oh the joys of missionary work! I LOVE IT! Anyway- my companion freaked out about singing to people. She thought it was so weird, but I made her do it anyway. She hated it but someday she'll look back and realize it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. HAHA So fun! No other time in my life would I enjoy such random things.
President is good. In pain but everything went well. It ended up being only a 4 hour surgery and they find out in a few days if the tumor is cancerous

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