Sunday, December 12, 2010

November 22, 2010

I am back in YSA but it's a different one. I'm in the snapper creek YSA which is south so I cover my old area. I'm actually going to Hermana T's house for thanksgiving dinner because she's in my area and has 3 ysa aged kids. I've kind of become friends with them so its going to be really good. I love love love being back in YSA. I just feel so at home and it's definitely where I belong. And I got to do a booth at a college campus this weekend with Sister Lowe because they are the neighboring YSA. At transfer meeting president came up to me and said "I know you aren't in the same areas and you aren't companions but I think it would be great if you talked to Sister Lowe a lot" so I said "president I will gladly take that advice". It's been tons of fun. My companion is sister Lima. Her family is from Brazil but she grew up in connecticut. We definitely think and work differently. President made me senior comp Anyway.... I got your package and I LOVED it. I have like one piece left of the bread and i'm way excited about it. Funny story time- well maybe it won't be funny to you but it was funny to me- we were on our way home from transfer meeting and we were stopped at a red light getting onto the freeway and on the right of us was barrier and construction work. One of the workers was right over the barrier like two feet away and kept staring at me so I smiled and then asked my companion if we had a pass along card. I turned around and he wasn't there so I rolled down the window and he came running over. he didn't know hardly any english but he said "This is your number.. your number right (huge smile on his face)..if i call this number you will come visit me" so i hand him the card and tell him to call the number and he looks at it and yells "What is this?!? How do I call your number... what do I do with this?!" Anyway he got really mad and I laughed and just kept telling him to call the number.. great times

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