Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

you already knew the secret (click here to see the secret for yourself)! no fun! just kidding.
lots of crazy stuff happened this week
A- Sister Clegg had to go home for medical but will return when she gets better
B- My companion got transferred but is still in my apartment
C- Sister Denson is my new companion and she has served in this branch before so its going really good
D- This week was Christmas conference and President and Sister Uchtdorf came. I was front row and we all got to shake his hand and give her a hug. They're adorable
E- Did Niki get her Birthday package?
F- I got your Christmas Package and the fudge went the first day and the bread is almost gone
G- I have served my entire mission in Miami. All the cities I'm in have miami zipcodes. Miami is HUGE but downtown is also in my area. If you want to know where I am look up kendall which is just north of homestead
ALSO Good news! so i've had this rash on my arms/ exzema my whole mission and it has gotten so bad my hands bleed all the time and nothing worked but my new companion told me about some stuff and said it would work so I bought it. It cost $20 and I almost died but it's working SO much better! It's cerave. Some lotion cream. So expensive though! But DEFINITELY worth it. I saved all of the stuff I was supposed to and ate some of the carmels as well. as far as Christmas plans we have none and probably won't and as far as mail... I hear from Sister Felton and you... which is GREAT :) OH and I got grandpa's package. It was so like him! haha I loved it. He writes letters like dad does. On whatever he can find. I also put up the tree above my bed and it looks great. Sadly I don't recognize more than 1 or 2 kids. the first one though was Zane and that brought a huge smile to my face!
I love you SO SO SO SO MUCH!

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