Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010

Hey! Today is a day full of packing and getting ready to go. I'm
getting transferred tomorrow. I'm sad because I LOVE my companion and
I'm really going to miss her but she's going to do so good without me.
We already had our christmas tree up and lots of holiday plans but
she'll get to share them with someone else. This area has definitely
been my hardest and tried me a lot as far as relying on the Lord to
know it's not baptisms that make a good missionary. We knock on doors
for hours every day and do everything they tell us to do to find
people and it just hasn't hapened. But I have learned many things
about myself as well as what I want in my life and for my future
family. This week we sat down with L and A’s mom because we
helped her with a science fair project. It was the perfect opportunity
to just talk and ask her questions. She knows the kids are ready and
wants them to be baptized but Hermano still doesn't want to change.
She said the kids have really latched on to the commandments and are
really good at picking out their parents disobedience. I was really
excited to hear that. They aren't going to be baptized any time soon
but it will come. Keep praying for them. I am really going to miss the
members of this ward. We have some really good friends here. Some are
widows, some are adults and some are little kids. its so fun! we have
little primary girls that follow us around every where we go. Today we
got to have breakfast with Hermana g and put up her Christmas
tree. It was so fun. She wanted a bow on her tree but didn't know how
and was kind of bummed. I told her I could do it and she was SO
excited. We made a huge one for on the top of it with pink and silver
ribbon. I knew all that floral design would pay off some day haha. It
made her day. Yesterday we also got to go to lunch with the English
sisters in our area. Its been fun.

ps i'm not a grinch this year. I already have my christmas tree up and
i've been singing christmas songs for about a week. I'm memorizing
them in spanish. and I've got the christmas spirit... YAHOO

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