Thursday, November 4, 2010

October 12, 2010

Sounds like you have all been busy as usual. I'm jealous you've been hunting. You'll have to send me some jerkey! I have to admit I don't really miss pricing. Not my favorite part of the year, but next year i'll be there ready to help you.
i'm good. Things have been a little slow this week but we're plugging along. The Hogge's came down on friday and we had a painting party. It was way too much fun! we painted our whole apartment cream and it looks SO good. Hermana G loves it. She is the best. This week we got to have another tea party with her... well hot chocolate but tea party just sounds better. She makes the best hot chocolate in the whole world. Its milk, anise, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon stick. cinnamon extract and I think a few other things. I can't remember. Tell the youngs i said Hi! They are such an amazing family.
Well thank you! I rarely feel like a good missionary. As a missionary the first thing you see is all of your weaknesses because they are so out in the open. It's hard to see when you are doing things right. Especially when your numbers aren't showing the success you want and should have. This area has definitely taught me a lot. Especially with the language and not excelling in the way that I'm used to. The Lord is definitely teaching me patience.
I love you tons and tons and i'm so glad we got to chat. You're the best mom in the WHOLE world!

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