Thursday, November 4, 2010

October 25, 2010

Well this week has been interesting. We had brother
watson come from

the missionary department... ps he comes from the truman line
somewhere.. his name is Tracy Watson. Anyway we just talked a lot
about how to teach, what to teach, and then just some things we want
to do. We did role plays and stuff too. our role play was a disaster.
The girl totally played the wrong thing and so president thought we
taught horribly. Anyway we left feeling like complete garbage... but
what do you do right? you just get back to work. We've tried to make
a lot of changes this week and implement new things but its still not
finding us new investigators. It's been really hard but we know that
there are things we need to learn from it. I guess if it was easy we
wouldn't appreciate the little successes. In our time here we've
helped to reactivate 5 members of the ward but unfortunately they
haven't been to church in a long time and so hardly anyone knows them
and so they don't see the progress that is coming. It all just takes

Also today I'm going to the everglades so i'm excited. I get to
finally see some alligators. It means I don't get any rest though and
I didn't get any last monday either so I'm running low on energy and
stuff but i'll deal with that later.
I'm really jealous you're going to disney land. disney world when i
get home???? ;)

another funny story I forgot to tell you- we almost missed the bus on
tuesday to go to district council so we were running and I was holding
a plate of cupcakes for my companions birthday and I tripped on a
giant tree root sticking out of the ground and totally biffed it. my
knees got all scraped and covered in bruises and were bleeding but we
were able to salvage the cupcakes... i made the bus... and i was able
to wash everything out when I got to the church 40 min later and it
didn't get infected... it was quite funny and painful... but more

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