Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

This has been a pretty eventful week. We had our PPIs with president
and it sounds like I'm leaving. Next wednesday is transfers. It has
gone so fast! there is a small chance I will stay here one more
transfer but probably not. I'm going back to YSA again but down here
in the south. President wants me and Sister Lowe working together
again and so she'll be in Miami Beach and I'll be in Snapper Creek. At
first i was a little nervous because it's english again and it
includes both thanksgiving and Christmas but as i've prayed about it
i've just gotten really excited. I LOVE YSA so much. My area right now
will still be in my YSA area so I still have a place to go for
thanksgiving. My FAVORITE lady here is letting me go to her house.
She's my mom here ;) her name is Hermana T. She does a turkey and
everything and her food is SO good. I don't know if Niki remembers
Rachel from our Europe trip but it's actually her Mother in Law. Also it has been so cold here. The other day we wore long sleeve shirts, long sleeve jackets and had our heater on the whole way to the church.... it hit 57 degrees.... i've turned into such a wimp! it's pretty much an embarrasment. The people from here are worse though. They were at church with wool coats over their suit coats! Also this week I was sick AGAIN. I was in bed for two days but i've been sick for like 10 days. I've gone through two boxes of medicine and like 1/2 a bottle of robitussin- thankfully they have a new and improved flavor so it hasn't killed me. i'm a lot better now though. I think i've been sick more on my mission than the last 10 years of my life combined but oh well.

ok time for the more spiritual things. This week we had a really good
lesson with L and A. They want to be baptized SO bad but the
parents just won't change. The dad says he's going to baptize them but
he's not ready yet. So frustrating! This week we told them to talk
with mom and dad to pick a date to be baptized. Then we asked L
to say the prayer. They are just learning to pray so it's always the
same things- help in school, grateful for their family but this one
was different. It was completely lead by the spirit. She prayed that
her family could pick a baptism date and that they could go to church
and that she was grateful we came to teach her. Sadly we went back
last night and she was really upset. We asked her what was wrong and
she said she tried to talk to them about it but they wouldn't do it
and they didnt' go to church again. It is so hard to watch her strive
to be good without support from her parents. Also we met a new family this week we are teaching. We had been knocking for 2 hours with 0 references. She let us right in and asked how we know which church is true and then even prayed to know
for herself. Her name is B. She's from the DR and she is a single
mom. She has 3 kids ages 9, 6, and 5. We're going to teach her again
this week so hopefully all goes well.

(Mom asked what the “mighty prayer” she keeps mentioning in her letters is about) Mighty prayer is at 9:30 pm and 9am every day. All of the missionaries
and also ward leaders and our families pray at the same time. we pray
always for the temple and also for cuba to open and then for anything
else we need. An opportunity to unite together to pray mightily :)

Niki here- I have no idea why her e-mails keep copying over so weird. I have tried to fix it but can't figure out how (if you know let me know). Sorry!

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