Monday, October 4, 2010

September 7, 2010

Yeah I got your letter! It was great! definitely a day I needed it. I've been pretty stressed with the whole language thing and just all the responsibility. We literally started out with NOTHING. We found out one of the missionaries here previously got frustrated and burned all the records for this area. SO STUPID. Anyway we've had some really cool experiences though. Lots of less actives are letting us in their homes and one of them is coming back to church next sunday. She had been offended and hadn't let anyone from the church in her home for over a year and she let us in and decided she needed to pray and fast to forgive the guy and now she's coming back. So exciting!
Yeah I got your e-mail. I'm doing good. I'm still really stressed but I got a blessing the other day and that really helped. The Lord knows what I'm facing so I just have to trust that he'll help me through it. I'm very happy though, just overwhelmed. My companion is such a hard worker I love her a ton. And I love living with a member. Well right behind her. we live in her efficiency. She's a little old cuban lady with TONS of spunk. She is probably 75 or older and she works every day from 1pm to 11 pm. She also takes care of her sister with bad health, maintians our place and sometimes even cooks for us! She used to cook for the elders every day but because we're sister she only cooks for us like once a week, but it is SO good! It's pretty awesome
For the first week we did all on foot because the elders before us were 300 miles over their limit before we even got here but now we have car. we do bike as well. The elders before us definitely struggled. they burned a lot of bridges with the members so we're really trying to build back the trust.
Oh and we found an AMAZING grocery store here and it makes me really happy! random I know but they have all fresh fruits and vegetables and they're way cheap. It's called presidente's. It's a latin market. Also I'm in a ward now and It's way big but we serve in half the ward and the zone leaders are in the south so we get to work together. They are awesome elders and were really excited to have us here. They prayed for two transfers for President to put in sisters. And I'm jealous you are canning. I miss that. Me and my companion talk about gardening all the time because we have a backyard now and Hna G has tons of trees with all kinds of random fruits- mostly mango and star fruit and then avocados which are SO good. They are the HUGE ones. They equal like 5 or 6 normal ones. anyway yeah- miss fresh food

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