Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 31, 2010

So this transfer brought huge changes for me and a lot of stress. I'm white washing an elders area AGAIN. President didn't even realize my whole mission has been white washes and i've only lived in elders apartments. He thought it was hilarious. He said he likes me cleaning all the apartments for him. He said i've set a record with 3 white washes in a row too. Also i'm senior companion and the area is all spanish. When we arrived to our apartment we were in for quite the suprise. The whole apartment is smaller than Niki's bedroom. The kitchen is way smaller than my one up in idaho at my last apartment. We have no oven or dishwasher or counter. We have a microwave and a little toaster oven. The elders just painted (they did a terrible job) and so one room is bright blue and the kitchen is lime green. It's hilarious! They also took all of our records with them. We have no records for the area since May and we were left with one investigator whose record hasn't been updated since 2009. They also left us with no miles on our car for the rest of the month. We had enough to go to church and back on sunday. So i'm back on foot knocking doors. My feet are covered in blisters again and i got my first sunburn of the year. I love it! My companion is AMAZING! her name is Hermana Briggs and she came into the mission one transfer after me. She's from Utah and grew up on a farm. We get along really well and thankfully she knows how to work. I'm super overwhelmed by everything but i'm still really happy which is a huge blessing. We have tons of fun together in the sun all day long. Yesterday (don't worry about this) we were tracting in the middle of a drug deal. It was hilarious. I love being a missionary. Every day is such an adventure. This whole area is cubans. I have the hardest time understanding them but its great.
Leaving Miami Beach was SO hard. I got to say goodbye to one of my investigators and had to call and tell the rest. M was really upset that i'm leaving. She was so excited to be baptized and was doing so good. She has problems with detachment and she just cried and cried when she found out I was leaving. Hermana Lowe said they haven't heard from her all week. R started yelling "This sucks!" over the phone. He'll be fine though. D also started screaming. His was hilarious. JP was really mad I was leaving as well. He told us he won't get baptized since I am leaving. He said he "chose me" and the next missionary wouldn't be as pretty so he won't listen to them anymore. Crazy guy. They transferred him to the elders yesterday. I got to say goodbye to D. He is the sweetest guy i've ever met. He LOVES the gospel. He's the one preparing to serve a mission in a year. He started crying when he heard I was leaving. It was so hard to watch. I loved it there but I'm SO SO SO excited to be here serving with Hermana Briggs as well. This area has a ton of potential and we just have to find it.

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