Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010

I loved the pictures and your letter! I loved all of conference and I felt like it was just for me. I'm going to forward you my letter to president so I don't have to rewrite it all and i'll try and send a few photos. oh and as far as the storm went we just had to stay inside for 1 day but it was truly a miracle that it passed by. on the little map where it says homestead is where I live. Way south and right on the ocean. Also transfer calls came and i'm staying here :)

President Hale,
What a miracle to be protected from that storm. The Lord truly is watching out for us. I LOVED conference and felt like every talk was just for me. I went to conference with several questions and received answers to each one of them. It was a great weekend. We had several miracles in our area this week. The first one was with the V Family. They are a part member family that has been inactive for 11 years. We met them going through the ward list and began teaching the children who are 9 and 10 years old. We taught the children about prayer and they prayed for the first time. Their parents were so excited about it. They also watched conference as a family. They all sat for all four hours and the kids did all the worksheets we gave them. They loved the talk about how to strengthen their family and decided on their own to begin family scripture study. They started that very day. They have made incredible progress. We are trying to help the dad prepare himself to baptize the children. Another miracle was with our investigator JL. After the training we had we felt like we needed to rely on mighty prayer more as well as help from the other side of the veil. We felt like a dream would help him to understand the importance of our message. We have been mightily praying for him to receive one since that time. Yesterday he called us and told us he had a dream in which we were angels. It was a great answer to our prayer. He still isn't fully converted but he is moving in the right direction. I love being in this area and being with Hermana Briggs and living by Hermana G. She is the funniest woman I have ever met. I think she is really enjoying having us here. We had a little "hot chocolate party" with her and talked about conference and how we can apply it to ourselves. She was just beaming with joy. Although the work has been really hard and I often feel like success will never come I find little blessings every day that remind me the Lord is aware of where I am.
Hermana Hendrix

**She did send pictures and I will try to put them up soon. Thanks for your patience Elaine!**

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