Monday, October 4, 2010

September 20, 2010

Good morning! This week has been extremely busy but good. We found 6 new investigators and things are starting to look up. We are constantly having new successes with our less actives. This week Hna M and Hna I (two of my FAVORITE ladies in the ward) went to visit Hna Y (a less active). They have visit taught her for years and have worked with her since she quit going to church 30 years ago. In all that time they have never been able to convince her to pray. We have been visiting her and she LOVES the visits. When they went to visit her last week she volunteered to pray! they were so excited! they are the cutest old ladies. They came back and told us how excited they were. Hna M came home and said their visit was "divine". She is the lady that we live with. Last week she had a day off and we got to sit and visit with her. She's an incredible woman. She is in her 70's and hna I is in her 80's but you would never know. They both work, drive, and do everything else they desire. I is from brazil and m is from cuba. So fun! Also we have been out on bike a lot more because the miles were cut way back right before we got here by about 400 per month. It's actually been really fun other than that my skirts all fly up! i'm going to buy bike shorts today. That seems much easier than getting new skirts. This week we got to ride in the rain and it felt SO good! other than that we got to our appointment drenched. oh well. I love my companion. We laugh together so much. She is from syracuse Utah and we pretty much have the same views on everything. it's great. Also our main investigator right now is kinda crazy and that's been fun. Not sure if his intentions right now are the best but we're working on that. He's trying to find a young new wife. We gave him a book of mormon instead :) Anyway- I got your package and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. It included everything I've been wanting to buy for weeks but have been to cheap to buy! Did I tell you I needed the mascara and head bands?? because if not you're just incredible. Umm I LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS AND TONS! Also- Did Tanner come home early??? tell him I said HI! and everyone else too! also the wallet was adorable.It will work perfect. I'm probably going to be sending more stuff home before next transfer. They've had a few warnings of hurricanes... none they've told us about we've just heard from members and i just want some of my stuff to be at home instead of here. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures haha. fun times.

take a look at the mission blog and you'll see what a rain storm looks like here. president took some really good pictures this week (link can be found on the sidebar to the right)

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