Monday, October 4, 2010

September 13, 2010

Good morning!! Where are you!? I got on this morning and there wasn't a single e-mail. lame. It's a good thing I still love you! This week has been hard but good. It's just really hard to start from nothing. It gets discouraging. Early in the week though President Hale called me and yelled "You're Amazing!!" So that made me feel good. He said he's really suprised how much we've accomplished and where we're at. He told me to just be patient and said "Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the coral ridge area return to its great success and glory in that time" but he said he is really proud of what we've done. We really needed to hear that because so many days we just feel like we're not getting anywhere. We got to see him and Sister Hale yesterday and visit with them as well so that was nice. We had stake conference. Afterwards I talked to him about the paint job in our apartment. The elders painted it the night before we moved in. Lime green and bright blue. It looks TERRIBLE. They didn't tape anything. There is paint on the floor, in the shower, kitchen sink, door jams. They also painted the light switches, outlets- including inside the outlets. It's probably the worst paint job i've ever seen. Anyway the lady we live with just felt terrible about it because she bought them the paint but didn't know how bad of a job they would do. so to make up for it she's been redecorating the place for us.We felt really bad. So president was NOT pleased. He's making the elders come back and paint it whatever color we want and they have to pay for the paint. He said they'll be learning a lesson from this one. I'd hate to be them. I'm kind of afraid to have them repaint it though but i think president will make sure they do a better job. Other than that not a whole lot is going on. We're still working with a bunch of less actives. We've just been SO exhausted this week basically to the point of not functioning. We couldn't even talk to each other we were so tired. We were just dragging but today i'll be taking a long nap so its all good. Last night we also went to a mission farewell. Very interesting. It was at 7 at night and 2 hours long. I think the whole ward spoke and all his family. they also did a slideshow a bunch of musical numbers and a HUGE meal afterward. It was crazy. Lots of crying. Not me- them haha. Anyway I don't know what else to say because nothing else has happened but one question- did you by chance find me a wallet or do i need to get one here? and also if you send a wallet could you send me some jolly time weight watchers kettle korn popcorn. Its one of the greatest things ever created but they don't make it here. Yep and I LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!

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