Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 16, 2010

Good Morning! This week has been really awesome. We found out our area has been leading the mission for the last three weeks in numbers after just one transfer of being open for missionaries. We were so excited! We have been so exhausted though this week because we didn't take lunches or dinners all week because we were so busy. Not a good idea! they give us those for a reason. We'll have to work on that. That's really interesting about the headache stuff. Since I started working out every morning more intensely and cutting way back on sugar I get headaches way less. The only time I get them really bad is fast sundays. I might just not be able to fully fast. Its just so hard because I want to. But I know that the Lord will still bless me if i'm doing the best I can. This week has been really hard for some of our investigators. Also Saturday D got baptized! We were SO excited. We only taught him for like 2 weeks. He already knew everything from looking on he was already living every commandment and didn't have to change anything. When he was 6 years old and living in Nicaragua he saw two missionaries and told his mom that when he grew up he wanted to be a mormon. He thought they were like doctors or something. He is AMAZING! He's preparing to go on a mission in a year. Life is just great. I love being a missionary SO much! Also the Hogges took a few of us to lunch to celebrate the baptism so that was really fun. Sister Hogge has taken me out to eat way too many times. She spoils me way too much!
This week has also been really hot as usual. I'm SO glad we don't wear nylons anymore. I don't know if I ever told you about that but the brethren have decided we don't have to wear them anymore!!! that was like a month ago but it was one of the greatest days of my life haha. Also this week has been amazing because I don't have to get us all around miami from an atlas book anymore!! those things are such a pain! you have to flip from page to page just to realize you're getting more lost. One of the elders in Miami beach let us borrow his GPS. It's like heaven in a machine. I love it! It's the greatest invention ever! It did lie to me though once. I looked for a sonic because i REALLY wanted a vanilla coke and I found one like 2 miles from our house. The next one was over 90 miles away. They don't have them anywhere here. So we went to the one by our house and its been closed for quite a while. I was super dissapointed. BUT it gets us to all of our appointments fantastically so its cool. Also I need your recipe for blackberry cobbler and grape chicken. PS my companion LOVES your almond muffin recipe. I've made them for her a couple of times. I was also wondering if I can just use regular milk instead of powdered milk for biscuits because powdered milk is expensive.
It's been about a 100 plus the humidity because it rained a lot last week. As a missionary we don't do the whole flip flop thing so i'm really glad we have the blessing of not wearing nylons but after living in miami I also see the purpose. Sometimes people forget to get dressed before coming to church. Or their clothes don't cover half of them but Its the culture and it changes over time. Everything is good!

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