Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 24, 2010

On friday President Hale called us and told us he was really please with what we are doing and that he was keeping us both here and making us a trio! we were so excited and started jumping up and down screaming. Members had been texting him and our investigators started praying we both stay. we didn't even tell them too! then last night the transfer call came and i'm leaving!!!! I cried for like two hours. I love it here so much and I LOVE our investigators. President Hale called today to talk to me and make sure I was ok since he knew it would be such a shock for us. I'm really sad about it but I know the Lord has a hand in it. I will be going up north and if I go spanish I'll be in hollywood hills. Otherwise I'll be english again. There is also a possibility I open a new area again. President said he really wanted to leave me here and tried but he just couldn't because a sister had to go home for medical today and it would have left our his numbers off. no clue whats going to happen.
Way to go! i'm so proud of you! It's so hard to stay commited to that. We get up at 6:10 every morning to run until 7. otherwise we go to the gym for that time. I'm so grateful you are taking care of the sisters there. It's so great to have a mom in the mission that you can run to when you need something. Sister Hogge does that for me. She ALWAYS takes care of me. My latest was I got my skirt stuck in my bike and it got a black grease stain about the size of a basketball on it. It was SO bad. I tried oxy clean and it didn't do anything. So I asked her what to do. She told me to bring her the skirt and she would get it out. She said its all done I just have to get it from her. She said cascade dish soap will take out ANYTHING. She's the best! I'm so grateful you are helping the sisters and supporting them. You're the BEST!

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