Saturday, July 17, 2010

June 28, 2010

his week has truly been a miracle for me. We taught m every day so that she would be prepared for her baptism this sunday. She honestly didn't even need us to teach her, because the lord already had. She knew everything we taught her and was SO prepared. Often times she was the one teaching us. I just love her so much! we've only known each other 7 days and yet i feel like i've known her forever. Her baptism went so well. We did it right after church so there was a great turn out. she was bursting with joy! when she went in the dressing room she had to cover her mouth with a towel because she was screaming- what she doesn't know is that we heard a little of it haha. everyone loved it. D is also one of our AMAZING investigators. Sunday was his first day at church and he loved it. he stayed for church, the baptism, and the linger longer. the night before I was in charge of a huge ward activity and both of them came for that as well. it was awesome. we did a picture scavenger hunt all over miami beach and then showed them on a projector while the kids ate ice cream. one of the things to do was give away book of mormons and pass along cards and they all did it! D loved the activity as well. He has a date for July 23. He asked how we had given him that date. I told him that me and Hermana Felton had got on our knees and asked our heavenly father when he could be ready and thats the date we were told. He told us that was the coolest thing he had ever heard and that its really special. I think he's getting really excited! I bought the new skirt and it worked with the bike but it already got stuck in my chain and tore. JUST MY LUCK! it's killing me but whatever. can you check my wells fargo again this week because i need to get a picture frame to give to marie with some pictures from her baptism and i also have to print some up of mildred's as well. The lord is truly blessing us! I love being a missionary. It is definitely the HARDEST thing i've ever done in my life but it's so worth it. Tell dad that i'm keeping a journal and i've tried to write in it every day since i entered the MTC. there are a few days i've missed but i've tried to write about them later. I'm so excited for how everything at work is going! sounds like you are super busy. also its funny you talked about the hands thing in rs. we've been talking a lot about that too lately.

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