Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

I wish that i could express to you everything that has happened this week but i don't even know if I wrote for a full hour if i could. On thursday night president Hale called us to tell us that we were having a transfer and the next day Hermana would be moving to Hialeah and Sister Lowe would be my companion. She is So amazing. The first night she moved in at around midnight we heard someone pounding on our door and they wouldn't stop. we went to look who it was and their were two men standing outside our door. We were scared to death! so we just prayed and went back to bed. The next morning we woke up to drive to plantation for mission conference. we had to be there at 7am but we couldn't find the car keys anywhere. we searched and searched and they were no where to be found. so we were worried the people the night before had found them or something but our car was still there so we just hoped we would find them. the sisters from homestead came and picked us up on their way and we made it to the conference, which was AMAZING. I really learned things that I'm capable of and ways I can be a better missionary. That night we had the elders check our apartment and make sure everything was ok and we got a spare set of keys from the mission office. The next morning we got up and walked out to church and found out the crazy person trying to break down our door was actually our super nice neighbor who found our keys in the door and was keeping them for us. So much worrying! then at church we met a new investigator who was a referal from a set of elders. we had called her and invited her to church and got her a ride but hadn't met her yet. Her name is m and she's 25. after sacrament she told us she felt settled. We went over last night to teach her about the restoration and it was the most incredible lesson i've taken part in. The spirit was so strong and she received her answer of the truthfulness of the gospel. By the time it was over all 3 of us were crying. When we told her the first vision tears just started pouring down her cheeks. We asked her how she felt and she just said "I have a home now. He told me the fight is over and everything is going to be ok" at the end of the lesson she accepted a date to be baptized next sunday after church. We will have known her for 7 days. The Lord had been preparing her for a time and she heeded to his council. Any missionary could have taught her and she would have accepted. I owe so much to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to take part in it. Miracles are truly happening every day. 2 weeks ago we had one investigator and 1 baptism date. this week we have 10 investigators and 6 baptism dates. The Lord is aware of His children and their needs, Ours included.

Sister Lowe is amazing. She's from Amarillo Texas and we were definitely supposed to be together at this time. Right now we have dates for H, D, W, S, E, and M. I don't know which ones i've told you about. I love the branch! it has just taken some time and a new companionship to gain their trust. I know its not always going to be easy but the Lord is definitely blessing me right now to enjoy it. Sister Lowe is also teaching me how to run and build up endurance so i'm working on that. it's tough but its going to be worth it. she also sings BEAUTIFULLY. she was an orchestra teacher before she came on her mission-very musically talented. We are having an awesome time together, even when we thought someone was trying to break into our apartment and we were scared and stressed that keys were lost we were still enjoying it and i wasn't a total stress case! which for me is really good because worrying is what i do best. It was a little stressful just doing the emergency transfer and getting everything planned and together so fast but the Lord has prepared the way.I love you so much and I pray for each of you and your needs. i hope the lord is taking good care of you.

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