Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 12, 2010

I love getting your letters. As far as fleas go they aren't quite so bad, someone told us that Borax kills them and that is helping but not completely. We found out they have even been sprayed or bug bombed at least 5 times in 3 months- we're suprised we're still alive let alone them haha but Pres told us this week that he's getting us a new couch which should solve the problem. The new problem though is the bugs outside. The mosquitos eat us up really good and i just can't bring myself to pay 10 dollars for some cutter bug spray... such a rip off! that and i'm poor so my legs are just covered in random bites haha the worst is when they get under your skirt and bite you like crazy.
I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. This place is beautiful. We love it! The work this week has been really slow but we're praying it will get better. Here is a little update on our investigators
A- He has so much knowledge and knows its true but is trying everything he can to prove it wrong logically. He's hardened his heart quite a bit and we're not sure why. We're just praying for him to soften it again and accept revelation.He is in the YSA branch but we think he might be over 30 and he doesn't speak spanish or have a car so i don't know what we'll do. He would have to take the bus for like 30 minutes and i don't know if he'll do that. He likes the people in the YSA branch.
M- We love her! she turned 18 this week so we decorated her room for her birthday which was great because it gave us the opportunity to talk to her mom who for now isn't interested but she loves us so we're making progress. It was her mom's b-day this week too and we wrote her card with our testimonies telling her the greatest b-day gift we could give her is the opportunity to live with mildred as a family forever. We haven't seen her since then so we'll so how it goes.
S- He is the husband of a member. He is way awesome. He had some problems but is changing. They got in a fight this week though and he decided he doesn't want anything to do with learning about the church. But then the whole family showed up to church on sunday! we were so excited! we were actually the first set of missionaries or people from the church he's been willing to meet with. He has always hid in the back room when they came over and most recently wouldn't let any males from the church over to their house. we love their family!
P- He is a beach bum from Brazil. We lost contact with him and have "randomly" run into him everywhere since then. The Lord is definitely helping with this one. This week he asked us if we were always so happy and if we always had this light about us and if we were for real or just faking it. A great opportunity to teach! He is also YSA. Pray that he comes to church this sunday. We've really been trying to work on that. Also he worked and lived with the natives in brazil for a while and learned how to make the most GORGEOUS jewelry and with amethysts and pearls and all kinds of rare stones from Brazil.
Those are our most solid investigators right now. We love them all and pray for them constantly!
Also this will suprise you mom but you sent that make up and the beige one is the one that matches! i'll use the other one and just mix it with some bronzer. I really appreciate you sending me everything. We get a lot of sun around here! I have an amazing farmers tan. I'd venture to say it beats kyle's in the summer :)
Every P-day since we got here it has rained and you just get kind of chilled and then the other days you melt and i think its that change that is getting to me. I can't believe it took 5 weeks to find out we're 3rd cousins! so fun though. Her mom was so excited to talk to you about it. And her Grandpa was even more excited! i heard he's going to call aunt Frances and talk to her about it. I know that us being companions is one of the reasons i have been placed in miami beach.
Our branch here is on fire! when we got here they were the smallest and weakest they have ever been. We asked to do the book of mormon reading with them and they weren't too excited about it but they have been having AMAZING experiences with it. Their testimonies are truly blooming! We call 2 families every night to talk about their reading with them and they have actually been doing it! its truly a miracle. this week we also called some random inactive families to invite them to church and 2 of them came! so even though work with investigators is going slow things are starting to pick up with the members.
I love you all so much! this church is true. We have a living prophet who leads and guides us. The book of mormon is true. God lives and Jesus is the Christ! Have a good week!
And i'm so glad work is picking up! every time i look into the bay and see fish or see people fishing or carrying poles i get really excited! we have some in our apartment and just looking at them makes me feel at home :) i think they are Daiwa D-shocks haha
Hermana Hendrix

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