Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 4, 2010

I've had to buy quite a bit of stuff since i got here. When i first arrived i had to get bedding, pillows, shampoo, conditioner, ped socks($50 yikes!) and all my other living supplies. then i had to get the shoes which are sketchers by the way and are MUCH better. all my blisters are turning into callises so i'm much better now. then i had to get some summer skirts and jackets- we're melting here and most of the skirts i had don't dry thats a problem. then we had to get a bunch of stuff for lessons for investigators. they do really good with visual aids and diagrams and stuff. needless to say its been pricey but i haven't just been shopping I PROMISE! also we are given money for food but thats all it covers and barely that. Not any times we have to eat out when we are going to district council or hygeine products or anything. because we live on the beach there is only one grocery store thats really close and its across the street from the beach so they charge what they want. its pretty expensive and for the first 2 weeks here no one really fed us because they didn't know who we were.

ok so conference was way good definitely all about the family kind of strange because i'm not a mom or a kid at home but it was still really good. i got your package and LOVED it! thank you! i was way excited to get the back pack and i think my watch is on my book shelf. we ate mac and cheese for easter dinner- no one signed up for like the next 5 days. our branch is tiny and they already all feed us once a week. there are only 3 high priests in the branch, yeah LITTLE. A new kid moved into the area this week and we met him at conference. He grew up in Reno and went to hug and wooster. He is Lalo Otuafi's cousin. His dad was president of the first tongan branch in reno- crazy. He asked if i new a stephanie hunter from fallon but i didn't recognize the name. also we don't walk from the islands haha we drive over the causeway. Hermana's mom asked her the same question. you should call and talk to her mom one day. find out if we're related and then let us know. I love my companion she is so fun and just AMAZING in every way. we have tons of fun together. she just said that her family is trumans and bowlers! oh my we just found that out in the library HAHA ok find out and let me know. i'm going to try and send some photos of the area and some kids of people we are teaching and then write some more if i have time LOVE YOU

the sign is for dad of an area we tract in

these are pictures of across the street from my apartment (sooo totally jealous!)

k these ones include a puffer fish- look at the teeth they're horse teeth and they hiss- SO COOL and then my hermana and then me and then the elder that was on our ceiling when we moved in- he's been there for years so we aren't allowed to take him down so we're going to put a sister on the other side of the room for balance (They are actually backwards in order)

these pictures are of the bay across the street and that skyline is all lit at night in different colors- GORGEOUS the next one is our chapel which is also beautiful and then the last is a bone fish
(also backwards)

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