Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

i'm pretty good. i think we got rid of the fleas this week but we got new friends... cockroaches! ugh SO GROSS! and they aren't just regular cockroaches, they're florida cockroaches which are like 4 inches long but we bug bombed again so hopefully we have killed them too. i'm seriously terrified of them haha

Q from Mom: Is there anything besides bugs there?
A from Hermana: yeah lots of crazy people haha

Q: Are you safe? Are you riding the bike at all? What are you doing about clothes? Are you eating at all? Are you feeling better?
A: of course i'm safe. the lord protects us when we're doing his work if we're being obedient. we aren't riding the bike right now because our area is easier to walk than to ride because of the traffic and stuff but we have a couple times and i will in other areas. For clothes i'm just making do with what i have and watching out for new ones when we're in stores that have them. a few of them don't have holes all the way through yet the fabric is just threaded so i just wear something else under it haha yes we're eating. we get groceries every monday at publix and i'm feeling a little better. i heat my back a few times a day and the knot is starting to go away and now i'm just trying to get rid of the headaches. i think its from dehydration and stress so i'm working on drinking more water. the second you walk out the door all your clothes are wet and its been almost 90 degrees. killer. but i'm doing fine. don't worry!

Q: How far are you from South Beach? Is that a separate zone? How many miles does your area cover? Are you getting lots of rain?
A: south beach is like 10 miles away and its part of our area but we don't go down there very often. its a huge party and drug area. its the spring break area and its the largest population of gay people in i think all the united states. we just try to keep it at like once a week.

Q: Did you ever find out why he made the change (Mission President putting her and her companion as teaching all YSA in the area)? How often do you talk to him? How would you describe your mission? How much longer will he be your mission president? What is your favorite part of the mission? Did you get any new investigators yet? We do pray for them to be receptive.
A: yeah we always have new investigators. the crazy thing about here is we've been meeting quite a few brazilians which is rare. my comp says i'm a brazilian magnet because i love them and we keep finding them. she has a hard time working with them though. president hale will go home one transfer after me so i'm really excited about that. he's amazing! he is ALWAYS changing things and very in tune with the spirit. we are actually the only mission in the world that can text people and also the last day of our missions he has gotten permission to take us to Orlando for a temple session. we're also praying right now for cuba to open and it would possibly start out with missionaries from our area if it does

the brazilians have a hard time committing but they're really receptive to the message and they're really nice people. they like to ask tons of questions though. i'm enjoying it. Every day at 9 am and 9:30 pm the mission has mighty prayer where the entire mission is praying at the same time. there are specific things we continually pray for at this time as well as specific things we need in our area. for the 6 months before a temple was announced that is what they prayed for and they were told it would be a few years and then it was announced! there is so much power in mighty prayer. right now we are praying for the temple to be built quickly for the members here and also for cuba to open. they have been working on it but there have been some political problems. it was so good to chat with you today. i love hearing from you and knowing what is going on in your lives. I'm so grateful for you all! families are truly a great blessing from the Lord and the foundation of this gospel. I hope everything is going well and i will call you on sunday! i'll call your cell phone. LOVE YOU!

The following is a copy of what she sent to her Mission President this week:
This week has really made me appreciate my family and the life i've grown up with. We are continuing to see satan's attack on the family every day and especially here in Miami Beach the last couple of weeks. It's so hard to see marriages just fall apart after 4 to 18 years or even more. The worst though is to see the affect on the children. They don't deserve it and yet they have to live through it. They grow up without the guidance of both of their parents and often times the gospel on one side or the other. I never realized how much i've taken advantage of the fact that i have a mom and a dad who are both very active in the church. They have raised me to find out for myself if the church is true but guided me along the way. They love each other and i've never seen them yell at each other or fight. I didn't realize how few children in the world are given that blessing. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the life that he has. I can't imagine where i would be without it. The family truly is the foundation of this gospel. I love it!

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