Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 20, 2010

The fleas are still alive as ever and now something else is coming out. the other day i got like 20 new bites in like an hour but i don't know what from. I hate bug spray but i'll definitely will be using it. we're gonna have some members of the ward help haul out our couch this weekend and we'll just sit on the floor until they can get us a new one. When your at the store and in reno can you keep your eyes out for rice krispys. we use them alot here but they are now 5 dollars a box! the latins have never had them before and are loving them so we do some sister proselyting and take rice krispy treats and notes to people in the ward or investigators sometimes. it has been really successful in this area. and also any mormon tabernacle choir you can get your hands on. its the only music we can listen to now and we don't have any.
its going to get more humid because the rainy season is coming. Plus we're in the most humid area of the mission i think anyway just because of our location.
So i noticed the craziest thing this week. When it rains worms don't come out. I was so dissapointed. Instead it's snails. I'll always be a worm girl. Every day while i'm here i try and find the strangest animal i can. it's been really fun. There are lots of weird fish and stuff. Plus there are green parrots that got out of the zoo during hurricane andrew and now they're everywhere. I've also seen snails, an iguana, tons of lizards, parrots, horseshoe crab?? (it was like 2 feet long), squid, dolphins, a stork (about 3 or 4 feet tall). its so fun. i always try and get pictures so i can send them home to courtney and the boys but i haven't printed them yet.
K so as far as the work goes right now its a little slow but it's picking up. I love it here though. Right now we are building trust with people and just trying to help where we can. the leadership in the branch is really burnt out so we're just letting them know we care. Hopefully c will be baptized this next week. He is a friend of in inactive family that just came back. He has been very religious but now wants to get baptized. He's just waiting to receive an answer wether Joseph Smith is a prophet. We're probably going to fast with him this week. He has accepted everything else and is progressing really quickly. We found out because of some stuff M may not be able to be baptized for about 10 or 12 more weeks. Thats a bummer because we might not be here still but we're still working with her. She's AMAZING. I really like working with the YSA. Another funny thing is that last week I got called up to speak in the YSA branch for the second time without warning but not Hermana. Thats just my lot in life i guess haha. i had 3 people come up to me afterwards though and tell me i'm a really good speaker and asked where it comes from. I got to tell them about my experiences with public speaking with Mr Dahl. I knew all that would pay off some day! also on the FFA topic I was visiting with one of the YSA kids and he was talking about how the newspaper was saying how bad slaughter houses are and how chickens are locked up and treated cruely and stuff. I about died... i can't believe people believe that stuff. We had a long farm talk so i could clear things up haha Life is wonderful and this gospel is AMAZING. I'm so grateful to be a missionary and have this opportunity to be his servant. I love you all! thank you for all your support and love and prayers!

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