Monday, June 21, 2010

June 14, 2010

Well this week has truly been a miracle. I went on exchanges with sister May and it was exactly what I needed. Our goal for the exchange was to work on attitude and overcoming fears. We knew that wouldn't work unless we gave ourselves a little opposition so we went out on bike. President told sister Felton to help me like my bike and in the same e-mail said he's getting ready to do bike only sister areas. I'm hoping that's not where i'm headed but i probably will be. its just SO hot. its hitting a hundred plus the humididty. It was tons of fun though. Sister May has only been a member for a year. She got kicked out of her house and disowned when she joined. She also totalled her car in a wreck the night before she went in the mtc. she is truly amazing. she's from las vegas. Things are going really well in our branch as well. When I left we had one investigator and she had a date (Henrietta). On yesterdays progress record we had 7 or 8 solid investigators and we have 4 baptism dates! most of our investigators we met either this week or at the end of last week. We are working really hard right now. We are also going out on bike every day so i can keep trying to love it. sadly its not working yet but maybe some day it will. i had to go get another skirt for my bike though. we can not get my skirts to stay down! we've tried binder clips and all kinds of things. i started tucking them in my garments but that doesn't work very good either haha. hopefully this style of skirt will. Its a killer. my normal schedule is 8-personal study 9-comp study 10- biking 10:30-phone calls to confirm appointments 11- language study 12-lunch 1-5- lessons or tracting 5-dinner 6-9-lessons or tracting 9-planning. we also have district councils once a week and meetings with our branch mission leader... sometimes... and also weekly planning time. the members aren't really helping us yet but thats really what we're working on. They don't realize how much better it would be if they were a part of it. They should be finding, fellowshipping, and attending lessons. They don't understand their responsibility but i can't say much because i didn't before I was a missionary either.

I'm really loving the work again though. Plus i'm super glad we don't work with white people. they're mean! we talked to a few in plantation and they are not friendly like latins and haitians and blacks (that aren't haitian haha) . Almost all of our investigators right now are black and they are just so fun. we get to learn all about their culture and how they do their hair and wigs and fun stuff like that.

The atonement is so real. It covers everything in our lives. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and just wants us to be happy. We are so blessed to have His gospel in our lives. LOVE YOU ALL!

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