Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

My hermanas both did their shopping at missionary mall and they got some amazing outfits but theirs were way more expensive so I'm good with what I got. I found out they have a little dress shop here so I might grab one skirt that is longer so I can wear knee highs more...good news... no nylons in my mission! I can wear the ped socks. My hermanas are both going into my mission with me which is great because we have learned that it is actually pretty rare for that to happen. There are 8 in our district and 3 of the elders are also in our mission. We don't know about the other 10 who came in the same day. I love my district. We have gotten really close this week. I got to see S on sunday and she seems to be doing really well as well. Neither of her hermanas are in her same mission. I only have 30 minutes when I e-mail so I also sent you a letter... it's more of a novel but you should get it in the next couple days. Brief outline of what you will get in the letter... ummm... the food here is gross, Elaine S Dalton taught relief society on sunday, L Tom perry gave the devotional on Tuesday, thats all I can remember. Also my Branch president is President Shelley. I think he is from here in Provo. He is amazing and really strict on the rules so I love it. Its been pretty cold here but it hasn't really mattered because we aren't ever outside, How are Cody and Avrey and Kyle doing? I haven't heard anything from them. Also, Niki loved your note. I miss you as well. That's pretty awesome I got out of jury duty. The language is going good. I can pray, bear my testimony, say the purpose, and most other things I want to. I have to tell you mom I have never missed your cooking more in my life so if you ever want to send me homemade bread or cookies or something I wouldn't be opposed. I eat a lot of cold cereal, rice, and peanut butter and bread here. We have decided the real faith comes from eating the food. Just kidding. I don't know if I told you but my companions are both from Utah, Payson and Paradise. Speaking of Utah Kyle will appreciate this one. Our mission president, Ralph Smith, during the first fireside asked everyone from each state to stand to see where all the new missionaries were from. He said Utah and over half of the 400 missionaries stood up. He then said "remember Utah was only God's 5th choice for zion" so good. Well my time is up but I love and miss you all.
Hermana Hendrix

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