Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 3, 2011

This week has been an incredible one for me personally. My whole mission I have strived to be obedient and to truly change my personal desires to fully keep the commandments after my mission and become a new person during my mission. It was always kind of an inner struggle. I was comfortable with how I was living and afraid to truly let the Lord change me. I was reflecting on the 75 day promise that originally I felt like was more of a 75 day trial for me. It just didn't seem to be going the way I thought it should. Part way through I began to make personal lifetime commitments. Some were about tv shows, tv channels, music and other things that have hindered my spiritual progression throughout my life. At the time it nearly killed me to just write them down and make them permanent but I knew it would never happen unless I started now. Since that time the atonement has truly changed me. My innermost desires are completely different. I went back to that same list I wrote a little over 2 weeks ago and they suddenly seemed SO easy to live. In my heart I truly feel committed to the gospel. I just couldn't believe it! I feel such a freedom and joy that I can't even explain. I looked at the calendar on that day and realized it was the last day of the 75 days. Prophesy definitely came to pass in my life and I couldn't be more grateful.
This one was a 75 day promise from president Hale that if we focused on preach my gospel and the white missionary handbook that in those 75 days miracles would happen and things would come to pass that we would tell our families for years to come.
This was our promise
The promise is clear: For those who embrace these teachings; these thoughts, feelings and impressions, the very fundamentals of Preach my Gospel with their whole heart and truly seek to become His representative, in the next 75 days personal experiences and opportunities will result which will forever change your lives. I witness that these experiences will fundamentally add to your firm foundation. Among them will be those that you will share with your family, your children and your children’s children often in the coming years. It can and will mean something differently perhaps for each of you. The promise is sure – I am confident that my words will be justified in direct proportion to the degree in which you desire that mighty change of heart and take action accordingly. It’s yours for the taking. Some will cease the opportunity and others remarkably still will not.

This week the work was still a little slow for us. A lot of our investigators have either left to go back to school somewhere else or aren't back from vacations. My goal is to begin meeting the standard of excellence in 2 weeks. We won't be able to meet all of them at once but if we work as hard as we can I know the Lord will bless us and will be able to trust us with more of His children.
My new companion is INCREDIBLE. She is one of the hardest working missionaries in the mission and I really wanted to serve with her. She was actually already in my apartment and we went on exchanges all the time so its been great. I learn so much from her. This week has been an incredible one for me.
best story ever- so on new years eve we were driving home through a residential neighborhood and a opossum walked into the street so I swerved and I hit it! dead on! I was so excited haha.... some things about me will never change. Then we went back to take pictures of it and our ward mission leaders mom pulls up. She was like "are you sisters ok?" we said "umm yeah we were just taking some pictures of this opossum we found here" She said "well as long as it's not one of my cats- have a good night sisters" we were laughing SO hard for hours about it. I'm just grateful my companion was excited with me too...none of my other ones would have approved.

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