Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 19, 2010

i have been able to see holt every day since he got here. He seems way happy and i think he is enjoying it. i saw jared wadsworth too but he didn't recognize me. Also, Nephi Farr is here right now. I talk to him almost every day. I have also seen James Stubbs a couple times. He teaches an Italian district here. I also see Sydni at least a couple of times a day. I am so jealous that you got to talk to Sami! I miss her but her letters are amazing. She always knows exactly what i need to hear. She is always following the spirit. Take good care of her while i'm gone! Niki- I'm sorry about the car. Thats really gross. You can beat me up for it in 16 months. We are told that we leave for Florida on March 9th and we get our travel plans next Friday. SO CRAZY! i don't feel ready to leave here but at the same time i wish i could leave today. 6 out of our district are going to Florida and 2 are going to Nashville, TN. Pretty sure we'll all cry our eyes out when they leave. We got three new hermanas in our zone this week so its a little different but its nice. We're hoping the relief society coordinating sister calling will get moved into their companionship soon so Hermana Hebdon doesn't have to attend meetings all the time. I'm still the zone music coordinator and senior companion. I was only supposed to be senior comp for 3 weeks and they've never changed it because of everything that has been going on. Mom- you would have loved it... yesterday i was sitting in class and a mouse went running by our desks into the corner of the room. it went behind a cupboard that is screwed into the wall. one elder was on a chair freaking out and the other one was terrified all night because we never found it. Us hermanas sit right where it was and we weren't scared at all. so funny. The elders crack me up. The district calls me the prodigy because in the meeting we had with our teacher thats what he told my companions and they got REALLY mad at me over it but once we talked about things it turned into a joke. The elders also call me Jefe which means boss. Its hilarious. They all come to me for how to organize, what things in the bookstore they should buy, all kinds of stuff. We're really close and its been tons of fun. I'm so glad most of us are going to Florida together. I also made the error of teaching one of the elders how to brag about himself righteously... that was definitely a mistake haha (Alma 10:4). Thank you for all of the dear elders this week. I definitely needed them. Things get hard but your words of encouragement definitely help me through. I'm going to send home more pictures this week that we took when i send my letter. I'm almost out of time already. Also, I would really like to read those Robert Gardner stories if i could get them. Also i need primer for my makeup... i'm completely out. Tell Elaine thank you SO much for her note! I love her and i'm so excited for Garrett. This week i am reading in Helaman about living up to our names and the name of Christ I bear. Because of my given name i have been studying about angels and their purpose in life. In alma it says it is to declare the word of God to all the nations. Hopefully i'm living up to my name... oh no out of time! LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS and tell courtney bug thanks for her note and Niki quit sucking your thumb (don't worry- it was for a game I was playing with the little ones) :)
-Hermana Hendrix
Duermen con los angelitos todas noches

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